So, you want a new fire and fireplace.  First things first.

You need to consider what sort of property do you have and how old is it?  The important thing to know is what type of flue you have, if you have one at all, or whether it needs to be replaced to go with the fire you would like.

We will advise on the suitability of your flue and recommend the correct fire to suit your property.

Property Types

The age of your property can be a primary consideration when choosing your fireplace, as this will dictate the types of flue used at the time of the building. We carry out a property survey to discuss your requirements on site to ensure nothing is overlooked when choosing your appliance

Flue Types

The flue is the avenue within the chimney up which carries the products of combustion from the fireplace to the open air.  It is usually part of the construction of the chimney either made of brick, concrete or can also be made of metal. Sometimes a brick flue may become defective and may require lining by either a renovation with a flexible metal flue liner or concrete reline of the flue.

Not every product will fit, nor is designed for, every type of installation.  The main thing is that we will need access to your chimney stack. In most cases, we can access the flue by ladder, but if the chimney is very tall or it’s a difficult climb, we may need scaffolding, or a cherry picker. That’s why we need to come out and survey your home, and do a full assessment for the installation.  If you’re not sure, take photos and send them to us and we can give some preliminary guidance. 

The following is our step by step guide of what to expect from inquiry to installation.

Step 1 – Schedule An Appointment

  • This can be actioned by using our online scheduler  right from our website or please feel free to contact the office where one of our friendly staff will book a survey for you at your convienience.
  • Here some preliminary questions will be asked so we can get a feel for your needs and collate the best product brochures for your new project.

Step 2 – Experience home survey with our experience Gas Safe & Hetas qualified surveyor.

  • Here the surveyor will offer inspiring ideas and practical solutions to your heating needs. The surveyor will bring a variety of product brochures and sample with some past installation photos so you can see some of our complete jobs.
  • The surveyor will document a full description of the job required, with measurement and notes to the installer of any special comments for attention. An accurate quote will will be compiled and sent usually within 2 working days
  • We will stay as long as you like, usually this take around 45 minutes.

Step 3 – Installation

  • Our in-house team will arrive at the agreed time.
  • All surfaces and furnishings will be covered. We use 3mm pic floor protectors and polythene backed dust sheets to help protect your furnishings as much as possible
  • The installation team will take you through the process clarifying and decisions like the height of beam etc.
  • Once completed and your room is back to the way we found it, the lead installer will demonstrate how to operate the appliance and answer any questions you may have.
  • All commission sheets and servicing documents will be left in one of our installation packs.

Step 4 – Our Guarantees

  • We offer as standard a 5 year installation guarantee. If you do find an issue just call one of our friendly staff and they will find a solution for you. Please note that the appliance will need to be upto date with any servicing required and only recommended fuel should be used.